Hi! This is Mike Ballesteros and you can contact me via e-mail for questions or jobs.

  • Editorial and advertising illustration

  • Corporate identity
    • Logos/Brand
      Identity manuals
      Redesign logo/brand
  • Editorial design
    • Layout
      Design magazines and books
      Design of flyers, posters, covers of books or CDs
      Invitations to events
  • Web design
    • Website design
  • Exhibition graphics
    • Muralist
      Information panels
  • Animation
    • 2D (Traditional)
      3D (3D Studio Max)

    Textile design, Merchandising, Presentations, Identity Corporate manuals, Branding, Digital and traditional illustration, Anatomy drawing, Airbrush, Photography, Storyboard, Printing process, Final art, Wireframe 3D, ...

    Here is my resume (English and Spanish), if you have problems click here to view